Indoor Range

  • The 50 foot Indoor Range is open daily from 8:00am–11:00 pm
  • Nothing larger than .22 caliber rim fire after 9:00pm
  • No rifles except those shooting .22LR rim fire
  • A rifle that fires a center fire handgun load is not allowed on the indoor range
  • Any Mass. legal handgun may be used
  • No magnum load of any caliber
  • No black powder
  • Lanes 1–4 rim fire or lead only (non-jacketed ammo)
  • Lanes 5–11 jacketed ammo/any caliber (no magnum loads)
  • The target must be all the way down range to the backstop (no half mast shooting)
  • No more than 5 rounds loaded in any firearm regardless of magazine capacity

Range Closures

The pistol league shoots Monday & Wednesday evenings from 6:30–8:30 October–February.

The Billerica Police Department uses the range for training several times a year, check the calendar for dates and times.

The range may be closed at any time per the board of directors for club activities and maintenance; always check the calendar or club announcements.